What is ESG?

ESG belongs to the umbrella theme of sustainability and is the global competitive factor of the future.

It is about creating a company-wide, recurring process based on a well-founded ESG strategy, and about creating real and sustainable values in the end.

The ESG reporting and the ESG score represent the competition factor of the future. Large companies are already being measured based on their ESG reports, for example when it comes to financial viability and corporate credits.

But there is much more to it: with the right ESG strategy and the implementation of a company-wide, recurring process, real and sustainable values can be created. These do not only set the company apart from the competition, but also make it sustainable in the long term.

Understanding ESG and living it within the company is a major challenge for most companies. At Enexion, we support you in entering the topic of ESG as well as ESG reporting and ESG scoring. We help you to see ESG as an opportunity for your company’s future and to make the most of it.

ESG strategy
Through our strategic ESG guidance, we help companies develop and implement a solid ESG strategy which includes priority projects, milestones, KPIs and measurable targets...
SBTI (Science Based Targets Initiative) is the most prestigious globally active target-setting organisation which encourages companies to set clearly defined emission reduction targets. ...
The ASI (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative) is a global, non-profit organisation which encourages companies in the aluminium supply chain to produce responsibly for a sustainable society...
ESG reporting
With the ESG Report, your company creates transparency for stakeholders with regard to the company’s sustainability and its efforts in the individual ESG areas. In doing so, each company defines its own priorities...

That´s why you should chose enexion

We at Enexion GmbH have been dealing with the topic of energy for more than 20 years and have built a profound knowledge of the energy procurement market and cost optimization processes in this area.

Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors, which is why we have a deep and thorough understanding of a wide variety of industries as well as their correlation with each other. In this context and for many years, we have been working with extensive and very complex data sets, which we structure and process for our clients.

Enexion GmbH is a long-standing expert in the field of sustainability. With our product Smart Greening®, we enable our customers to improve their own sustainability, energy efficiency and competitiveness while simultaneously reducing their CO2 footprint.

It is, therefore, only natural that we also dedicate ourselves to the topic of ESG in order to offer our customers real benefits. Unlike other providers, we focus not only on your ESG rating and thus your ESG score, which, both, offer only a snapshot. At Enexion GmbH, we support you in living ESG through implementing good and ongoing ESG management and, thus, through independently and autonomously designing your ongoing ESG rating.